We know how hard you and your team WORKS to plan areas of focus using creativity ensuring you cover all areas of the early year’s curriculum.

We have the solution that helps to remove all that STRESS and HARD WORK.   All you have to do is hop on board your very own Littlemagictrain to open the magical gateway to the world for your little ones.  Don’t forget, we have done all the HARD WORK and PLANNING, for you.

Our adventures are affordable, sustainable, and robust meaning you will engage all your children year after year.

What is Littlemagictrain?  

We have created a multi-sensory resource that integrates all areas of learning for your little ones.  Using interactive adventures, ranging from under the sea to the moon, incorporating role-play, illustrations, music, speech and imagination. We help you to create a bridge between the real and imaginary world, to engage your children so they are ready to learn and achieve.

This is the perfect activity for ALL children from the Early Years to KS1 including Sensory Pathway.

But wait there is more…

Your adventure includes Speech and Language, Sensory, and Invitation activities created by experts just for you and your little ones.

Your Team will also benefit as…

We won’t just let you download a resource and walk away.  You are part of our family.  A family that is supported every week with access to a live support clinic.  Extra support is offered through access to our WhatsApp group, pre-recorded sessions that your team can access when it works for them.

It is important to us that you, like your children, and your team feels confident and experiences the benefit of having your very own Littlemagictrain.



Here are a few of the adventures we believe are ideal for authentic learning, with some extra magic and imagination, this spring.

‘Picnic on the Moon’ is a fun way to introduce them to the solar system.  Together you can discover why the days get longer.  Think of all those fun STEM activities.

‘Feeding the ducks’ is ideal for learning about life cycles and in the adventure we meet frogs and of course ducks.

‘Woodland walk’ is a great way to engage your little ones as they see everything coming back to life around them.  Have lots of fun identifying the spring flowers, plants, and all the creepy crawlies.  Don’t forget the May bugs!

‘Visiting the bears’ is a fun adventure that you can link to all the animals coming out of hibernation ranging from bears to cute hedgehogs.

There are so many opportunities to develop their imagination and engage them in authentic learning.  Just think of all the early STEM activities you can do together.  The only thing holding you back is your own imagination.  Imagination is vital for learning and it needs to be nurtured in your little ones.

Best of all we have done all the hard work for you.  The adventures cover all areas of the EYFS and the Curriculum for Wales and are a wonderful activity for children with additional learning needs as the adventures are a multi-sensory experience.

These sessions are available in our shop under ‘Spring’– how can you resist?


You can now ‘BUILD YOUR VERY OWN BUNDLE’ of all the adventures you want to go on with your little ones.

Build your very own bundle with our ‘3 for the price of 2’ offer on all of our adventures.   Where will you take your little ones in 2023?




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