Our Littlemagictrain Superstar and Star Awards
Launched in April 2023


Awarded to early years settings have shown how they have taken the adventures and woven them throughout their learning by creating areas of inspiration and developing their very own magical child-led adventures.  They are a source of inspiration for other teachers and the Littlemagictrain which makes them true Superstars!


The Oxford Nursery Summertown, Oxford, England.

Sandy Feet Day Nursery, Port Talbot, Wales.

Little Peeps Playgroup, Oakdale, Wales.

Munchkinos Childminding, Swansea, Wales.

Marcham Preschool, Abingdon, England.

Teddy Bears Nursery, Penarth, Wales.

The Speech Bubble, Blackburn, England.


Awarded to early years settings that have begun their journey of nurturing and developing their team’s creativity and imaginative skills with Littlemagictrain.


Peachcroft Preschool, Abingdon, England.

Cylch Meithrin Cwmdar, Abardare, Wales.

Cylch Meithrin Aberdar, Abardare, Wales.

Soar Childcare, Bishop’s Stortford, England.

Comper Nursery, Oxford, England.

FuturON Preschool, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Global Icons School, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

OTP Preschool, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh.

Little Cuddles International Preschool, Manikonda, Hyderabad.

Little Owls, Newport, Wales.

St Cuthbert’s Primary School, Manchester, England.

Nanna Maggs Childcare, Rochdale, England.

Red Robin Playgroup, Barry, Wales.

Butterflies Playgroup, Barry, Wales.

Cylch Meithrin Pila Pala, Barry, Wales.

Ladybirds Playgroup, Barry, Wales.

Allensbank Primary School, Cardiff, Wales.

Huda Nursery, Birmingham, England.

Ambleside Adventurers, Farnborough, England.

St Thomas Nursery and Primary School, Villivakkam, India.

Braunston Preschool, Daventry, England.

Squiggles Nursery, Pennard, Wales.

Flutterbys Children’s Nursery, Matlock, England.

Pitter Patter Day Nursery, Swansea, Wales.

Sandy Croft CP School, Mancot, Wales.

St. Thomas Day Nursery, Oxford, England.

School of Play, Manchester, England.

K C Childcare, Blackwood, Wales.

Sandfield Day Nursery, Oxford, England.

Woodfield Nursery School, Brierfield, England.