The Team

At School of Play, we are committed to providing enriching experiences that foster holistic development for children, particularly focusing on Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) pupils.  From their first sport to their first art piece, we want to make those experiences great. We want the memories to be positive and unforgettable.

As a team, we create memories to last a lifetime across the 7 Holiday Campsites and 3 Wraparound Care Venues we run.  We always make time to schedule a Little Magic Train Imagine Session. Gina’s innovative program is not only educational but also incredibly fun, aligning perfectly with our mission to make learning a joyous adventure.

Through The Little Magic Train programme, our team receives comprehensive training tailored to enhance children’s development within the EYFS framework. From our Holiday Camps to Wraparound Care, Gina’s expertise infuses every aspect of our programmes, ensuring that each child experiences both enjoyment and growth in equal measure.

Gina’s enthusiasm and brilliance shine through in every teaching session we attend, making the learning experience engaging and exciting for our educators and in turn, our children. The ability to seamlessly blend educational content with fun-filled activities is truly remarkable, creating an environment where learning becomes a magical journey.

The impact of The Little Magic Train programme on our children’s development is evident every day. We witness first-hand the joy and enthusiasm it brings to our young learners, as they eagerly participate in activities that stimulate their cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Gina’s dedication to creating an educational yet enjoyable curriculum has undoubtedly elevated the quality of our programmes, enriching the lives of countless children in our care.

We are incredibly grateful for the partnership with The Little Magic Train and the positive influence it has on our educational offerings. Together, we continue to nurture young minds, laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning and discovery.

Thank you, Gina, for your unwavering commitment to making learning a magical experience for children everywhere.

Do take a peek at our Space Imagine Session