Individual session: Amazon Adventure


Discover the importance of the Rainforest together on an “Amazon adventure”.

Extend the learning by discovering the wonders and importance of the Amazon Rainforest with your little ones. Learn about all the different animals and creepy crawlies that only live in the Amazon!  Did you know that the Amazon spans across: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana?

In your adventure together, you will:

  • Wake up the Littlemagictrain and arrive at the edge of the Amazon.
  • Get out your binoculars and count all the creepy crawlies hiding in, under, and around the trees. Don’t’ wake up the Jaguar!
  • Spot a cheeky monkey and join the fun jumping from tree to tree.
  • Slide down the tree and slither along the ground with the snakes.
  • Meet a Jaguar who rather likes sharpening his claws on trees. Make sure he doesn’t mistake you for a tree!
  • Join the parrots as they search for a tree to build a new nest. The Jaguar gave them bit of a fright.
  • Say goodbye to all your new friends and wake up your Littlemagictrain.

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures. All the planning and hard work has been done for you and the sessions cover all areas of the Foundation Phase and the new EYFS.  These sessions are also a wonderful activity for children with additional learning needs.

Your download includes:

  • Introduction to Littlemagictrain
  • Session Plans with your illustrations
  • Practitioner Notes (guidance with the music and movement)
  • Music

Available in Welsh-medium.

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Each individual download will include:


A guide to running your Littlemagictrain adventure.

Session Plan and Practitioners notes for "Amazon adventure".

This guide shows you how to move the story forward with illustrations, music and movement.

  • This guide shows you how to move the story forward with illustrations, music and movement.

Download illustrations

Mind the spiders!

Dancing monkey and slithering snake.

Jumping jaguars.

Pretty Polly parrot.


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