Special edition: North Pole


‘North Pole’ is the perfect activity to discover Polar Bears, their environment, and how chilly it can be for us when we visit.  A wonderful opportunity to talk about appropriate clothing and how you feel being so far away from home.

In this adventure you will:

  • Arrive at the ‘North Pole’ in your very own Littlemagictrain.
  • Get your binoculars out and search for Polar Bears.
  • Hop across the icebergs to get a better view.
  • Have a snowball fight with a friendly Polar Bear.
  • Help your new Polar Bear friend catch some fish as he is feeling rather hungry.
  • Your fish run away – with the help of a friend!
  • Work together and get all the fish back.
  • Share a fishy picnic together.
  • Jump across the ice with the Polar Bear as it is time for his nap.
  • Time to go home as you hop on board the Littlemagictrain to return.

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures. All the planning and hard work have been done for you.  The sessions cover all areas of the EYFS and curriculum for Wales.  These sessions are a wonderful activity for children with additional learning needs.

Don’t forget to give the children their certificate’, on completion of their adventure.

Your download includes:

  • The adventure with A4-sized illustrations
  • How to build and develop the adventure
  • Movement guide for the interactive part of the adventure
  • How this adventure links to the early year’s curriculum
  • Music

Available in Welsh-medium

Littlemagictrain has created some 'Special Edition' adventures for you and your little ones to enjoy together. Your download includes:

North Pole

We have done all the hard work for you creating a session plan with illustrations, a movement guide, music, and how to move the story forward in an interactive way.

Download Illustrations

The North Pole is rather chilly!

Watch out a Polar bear is about!

Snowball fight!

Someone is feeling hungry.

Who is taking our fish?

Sharing our food.

Don’t fall in!

What is happening?




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