Resource Pack 2 (6 adventures)


  • Introduction to Littlemagictrain
  • 6 different adventures
  • Illustrations
  • Music
  • Notes and guidance

Available in Welsh-medium.

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Resource Pack 2


Your resource pack includes an introduction to Littlemagictrain, to help you take the children on all the fun adventures.

Practitioners Notes and Guidance

Your resource pack includes individual notes and guidance for all 6 adventures.

This has been created to help you feel confident when you start your adventures.  As your confidence builds you will be led by the children and story.

Session plans

In your pack, you will find your Session Plans for all 6 adventures.

The plan is your guide to move the adventure forwards, how to build the storyline, with the order of your illustrations and music track numbers.  Everything you need to go on your adventures.


The wonderful music for Littlemagictrain was created by the fabulous musicians Jonathan Still, Andrew Holdsworth and Daniel Jones.  It was styled to fit the adventures and characters. You will hear siren whistles, a theremin, an Otamatone, kazoos, wind chimes and sound effects that they spent a long time getting just right: pretending to be a fishy choir, playing a kazoo like a squirrel, and singing like a jellyfish.

The adventures include:

‘Kanga at the North Pole’, ‘Football on the Moon’, ‘Royal visit to the beach’, ‘Royal dip under the sea’, ‘Teatime’ and ‘Kanga in the Amazon’.

Kanga at the North Pole

Football on the Moon

Royal visit to the beach

Royal dip under the sea


Kanga in the Amazon


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