Individual session: Royal Dip Under The Sea


Please use these activities to remember Queen Elizabeth II with your little ones.

“Royal dip under the sea” is the perfect activity for your little ones. Extend the learning by discovering the wonders and importance of the ocean and all the creatures that live in it with your little ones.

In this adventure you will:

  • Wake up the Littlemagictrain and arrive at the Queen’s castle.
  • The Queen fancies a fun adventure under the sea.
  • Walk to the seaside with the Queen and pop on your wetsuit, goggles, and flippers
  • Jump in!
  • Wibble and wobble with the jellyfish.
  • Oh no! Where has the Queen’s crown gone?
  • Success, the Queen has her crown back – it was a shark he was only trying it on.
  • Queen is feeling very tired after all that excitement.
  • Hop on board the helpful turtles as they will take us back to shore.
  • Jump out!
  • Take the Queen back to her castle and find your Littlemagictrain and return home.

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures. All the planning and hard work has been done for you and the sessions cover all areas of the Foundation Phase and the new EYFS.  These sessions are also a wonderful activity for children with additional learning needs.

Don’t forget to give the children their certificate’, on completion of their adventure.

Your download includes:
– Introduction to Littlemagictrain
– Session Plans and Illustrations
– Practitioner Notes and Guidance
– Music and guide to accompany sessions

Available in Welsh-medium.

Littlemagictrain has selected a few adventures to become special editions with new illustrations. Each download will include:


A guide to running your Littlemagictrain adventures.

Session Plan and Practitioners notes for the adventure.

  • This guide includes your illustrations for the adventure and how to move the story forward with the order of activities and when to play music for the children to move to.

Download illustrations

Let’s go.

Who will we meet under the sea?

That’s my crown!

Turtle taxi’s.



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