Feeding the ducks


Speech and Language Resources
– Following directions & colouring activity

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Speech and Language Resources

These activities linked to the Littlemagictrain adventures help to support children’s speech and language skills.

Feeding the Ducks activities

Liz Shoreman, Speech Therapist, from The Speech Bubble* has created these activities to help with speech and language development.

Feeding the Ducks: instruction and colouring activity

The target is for children to be able to follow directions, including size and colour – 3 keywords.

Feeding the Ducks: following directions activity

This activity is in 3 parts.

Part 1: The children follow directions as they colour in the animals in the pond.

Use the 3 A’s (language enabling strategies) throughout.

Part 2: The children follow directions as they colour in food for the animals.

Part 3: A listening game with 4 keywords.

Throughout this activity use, the 3 A’s (Language enabling strategies) Adapt – Add – Adjust.

A simple guide to the 3 A’s is included with this activity.


*The Speech Bubble is an independent, paediatric speech & language therapy practice based in the North West. They have been working directly in schools and with local authorities since 2003 to help young people with SLCN (Speech, Language and Communication Needs).

Team members of The Speech Bubble first reached out to Littlemagictrain after using Littlemagictrain as a speech and language intervention in schools, recognising the benefits and its potential for developing speech, language and communication.

The Speech Bubble use Littlemagictrain to develop vocabulary, understanding, grammar and narrative skills. Our favourite sessions include ‘Visiting the Bears’, ‘Picnic on the Moon’ and ‘Under the Sea’.

The Speech Bubble also offer various training opportunities across all areas of Speech and Language. From LEGO therapy to ELKLAN to bespoke courses, team members have a combined experience of nearly 100 years and can offer training on a wide variety of topics.


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