Dinosaurs on the loose!


‘Dinosaurs on the Loose!’, winner of the 2023 Creative Play Awards, is the perfect dino activity in your setting or for home learning.
Grab some dinosaur snacks and pack a little bit of courage, as things could get a little bit scary!  In your adventure, you will hide from some scary dinos in the sky and meet a ‘Rock Star’ dinosaur named Elvis.  What’s not to love?
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Dinosaurs on the loose!

A little more info...

In your adventure together, you will:

  • Wake up the Littlemagictrain and take the long journey back in time to a very special dinosaur island.
  • Search for dinosaur footprints
  • Save some dinosaur eggs and the adventure begins as you look for the mummy
  • Catch a very shy Effigia that you mistake for a baby dinosaur
  • Help a couple of Stegosaurus that get stuck together
  • Hide from the terrifying Pterodactylus and its giant friend the Quetzalcoatlus
  • Dance with Cryolophosaurus called Elvis
  • The earth moves as the Titanosaurus arrives
  • Return the egg to the mummy dinosaur
  • Say goodbye to all your new friends.
  • Find your Littlemagictrain and return home.

This adventure is built up over 9 weeks giving you opportunities to enhance your little ones learning with provocation, communication, sensory, and STEM activities around the theme of this adventure. All the planning and hard work have been done for you and the sessions cover all areas of the new EYFS and the Curriculum for Wales.  These adventures are the perfect activity for ALL children as the resource is robust and adaptable to all needs.

Your download includes

Dinosaurs on the loose!

Guide on how to introduce the adventure to your little ones.

The adventure with A4-sized illustrations.

Movement guide for the interactive part of the adventure.

How to build and develop the adventure.

How this adventure links to the early-years curriculum.

Music for the interactive sections of the adventure.

Sensory and invitation activities for the adventure.

Speech and language activities.

Story chain train.

Vocabulary for the adventure.

Yoga poses to include within the adventure.

Certificate for the children on completion of adventure with the dinosaurs.

Fun activities for the children to do at home.

Have lots of fun x




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