Individual session: Woodland Walk


Littlemagictrain recommends “Woodland Walk” as the perfect activity for in your setting or for home learning.  There are so many ways to extend the learning in this adventure by learning about woodland animals.  Discover which animals are nocturnal.  Go on a mini-beast hunt, create a bug hotel and join the butterfly count.

In your adventure together, you will:

  • Wake up your Littlemagictrain and arrive just outside the woods.
  • As you venture into the woods spot a little squirrel running between the trees.
  • Poor squirrel, he is rather upset as he has dropped all his acorns. Grab a basket and pick them up – counting as you go.
  • Meet a little bunny rabbit hopping around looking for some carrots.
  • Together you will find them in the farmer’s field.
  • After all those carrots it’s time for a drink. Follow the butterflies and drink the nectar together in the flowers.
  • Hear a very noisy owl and ask him very nicely to hoot quietly as we don’t want him to wake up our new friends, who are taking a nap.
  • Say goodbye to all your new friends and wake up your Littlemagictrain.

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures. All the planning and hard work has been done for you and the sessions cover all areas of the Foundation Phase and the new EYFS.  These sessions are also a wonderful activity for children with additional learning needs.

Your download includes:

  • Introduction to Littlemagictrain
  • Session Plans with your illustrations
  • Practitioner Notes (guidance with the music and movement)
  • Music

Available in Welsh-medium.

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Your download will includes:


A guide to running your own Littlemagictrain adventure.

Session Plan and Practitioners notes for the "Woodland walk" adventure.

  • This guide shows you how to move the story forward with illustrations, music and movement.

Download illustrations

Who will we meet in the woods?

Sidney Squirrel.

Hungry bunny.

Beautiful butterfly.


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