Your team WORKS really hard being creative to plan activities that cover all areas of the early year's curriculum.

We have the solution that gets rid of all that STRESS and HARD work as all you have to do is hop on board your very own Littlemagictrain and open a magical gateway to the world for your little ones. And, to make your team happier by having the time and luxury of teaching your little ones, we have done all the WORK and PLANNING, for you.


DID YOU KNOW?  Littlemagictrain is an affordable, sustainable resource that you will use year after year.

What is Littlemagictrain?  

Littlemagictrain is a multi-sensory resource that integrates all areas of learning for your little ones through an adventure that incorporates role-play, illustrations, music, and imagination. Helping you to create a bridge between the real and imaginary world, to engage your children so they are ready to learn and achieve.

This is the perfect activity for ALL children from the Early Years to KS1.

Just some of the learning outcomes

Speech, language, and communication skills

Personal, social development, and emotional regulation while building self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Physical literacy

Creativity, curiosity, and imagination

Early science, technology, engineering, and math, STEM,

Helping you put the ‘A’ of creativity and imagination to turn STEM into STEAM.

But wait there is more…

We have created Speech and Language, Sensory and Invitation, and Creative activities for each of the adventures.

To help you further, we also have additional learning activities for each adventure including vocabulary to help develop and enrich their language skills.

For you and your team

We won’t just let you download a resource and walk away.  You are part of our family.  A family that is supported every week with access to live online training, support clinics, and a WhatsApp group.  Extra support is offered through access, 24hrs a day, to our online training videos linked to each section of the adventure.

It is important to us that you, like your children, feel confident have fun, and experience the benefit of having your very own Littlemagictrain.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“The support offered by this programme is outstanding, you can tap into their extensive knowledge at any time. It evolves with you and new ideas are added frequently.  We have never come across a company that offers such amazing ongoing support before and truly cares about its end user.

The greatest endorsement for us is that the children use The Magic Train during their imaginative play. It is their own idea to include Simon to take them on adventures.  They often create him with loose parts, climbing frames, sheets, and boxes or just include him in their stories.

When learning is so much fun it’s no wonder, they enjoy the journey”. Claire Nicholls-de-Freitas, @munchkinoschildminding

“We love going on our train rides, having different movements, and experiencing different countries and cultures from around the world!   The children have all engaged in our journeys, taking in all the exciting information and fun facts provided by LittleMagicTrain!  We base our daily activities around our journeys, allowing us to explore a wide range of imaginative play, messy play, and knowledge of the world. Not only do the children look forward to Hank but the staff are always excited to see where we will end up next!” Little Peeps Playgroup, Oakdale

“Othala here 😊 Just wanted to let you know the introduction was amazing! I really can’t wait to make this part of my setting, what a great way to encourage imagination! I’m sat on the bus with a huge smile just thinking about how beneficial it will be for the children”. Holly Valley Childcare, Betws y Coed

Are you ready to find out more?

Either hop inside our shop or book a discovery call as we know one size doesn’t fit all.




‘North Pole’ is the perfect activity to learn all about Polar Bears , their environment, and how chilly it can be for us when we visit.  This a wonderful opportunity to talk about appropriate clothing and how you feel being so far away from home and just think about all the fun learning activities for your little ones and not a penguin in site!

In this adventure you will:

  • Arrive at the ‘North Pole’ in your very own Littlemagictrain.
  • Get your binoculars out and search for Polar Bears.
  • Slip and slide as you move across the ice and snow.
  • Have a snowball fight with a friendly Polar Bear.
  • Help your new Polar Bear friend catch some fish as he is feeling rather hungry.
  • Join the Seal as he tip-toes away with the Polar Bear’s fish on the end of his nose.
  • Share a fishy picnic together.
  • Jump across the ice with the Polar Bear as it is time for his nap.
  • Time to go home as you hop on board the Littlemagictrain to return.

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures – think of all the early STEM activities you can do together.

All the planning and hard work have been done for you and the sessions cover all areas of the EYFS and the Curriculum for Wales.  These sessions are also a wonderful activity for children with additional learning needs.

Don’t forget to give the children their certificates to take home and share when they have completed this fun adventure.

This session is available in our shop under ‘Session of the month’ along with all the linked activities.

Gold Members: Don’t forget you have FREE access to all the linked learning activities, weekly (live) online refreshers, and training videos linked to the sessions as part of your membership.


'North Pole'

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Speech and Language activities

'North Pole'

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Planning Ideas

'North Pole'

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Sensory Activities

'North Pole'

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Our January 2023 offers have arrived at the station!


This offer is ONLY VALID until the 31st of January 2023 on the following adventures:

‘North Pole’, ‘Picnic on the Moon’, ‘Looking for pandas’, ‘Dinosaurs on the loose’, ‘Visiting the bears’, and, ‘Visit to the zoo’.


You can now ‘BUILD YOUR VERY OWN BUNDLE’ of all the adventures you want to go on with your little ones.

Build your very own bundle with our ‘3 for the price of 2’ offer on all of our adventures.

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