Who delivers the sessions?

You, or your team members, take your children on magical adventures on the Littlemagictrain.

The training, and resources, will upskill your team while building their confidence in the really important skill of combining child-led and guided creative role-play.

What age group is Littlemagictrain suitable for?

The ideal age group is 2-5 years but it is so easily adaptable for babies and older children depending on their needs.

Is Littlemagictrain suitable for SEND/ALN?

Littlemagictrain is ideal for ALL children as our resources are robust and adaptable for every child’s needs.

The children become familiar, and feel confident, with the repetitive train sequence, beginning and end of each session.  The train is the beginning and end of every adventure and prepares the children for the start and end of the activity in a fun and engaging way.

How long is a session?

The length of the session is dependent on your children’s needs. We recommend you build the adventure over days, or weeks, with timings ranging from 20 to 45 minutes.

The sessions have been carefully planned to increase engagement and learning through the fun of creative role-play.