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Jump aboard for a magical journey where you can ...

Alien playing Football Transparent
Royals Riding Turtles Under the Sea - Transparent
African Safari Transparent
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Play football with Aliens on the Moon

Ride turtles under the sea with the Queen

Visit the jungle and make friends with the animals

Swing through the Amazon trees with the monkeys

and meet ....

Soldiers Transparent
the bears_InPixio
Kanga & Joey Transparent


The Queen's Soldiers

The Bears

Kanga & Joey

This is just a small selection of our adventures and our characters.

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Our Resource Packs

Each session in the resource pack has an individual theme with music that has been specifically composed and recorded for the adventure. The action of going on the Littlemagictrain allows the children to enter the make believe world and they become more imaginative and creative whilst learning about the world around them. For example the children meet the Rocket in “Picnic on the Moon” or “Football on the Moon” and therefore they:

  • See a 'Rocket' (classification)
  • Say 'Rocket' (speech and language skills)
  • Be a 'Rocket' (physical development/role-play)

Continue the learning by creating masterpieces, from downloads on the website, for example they can design their ‘Rocket’ and then junk model or even build one with blocks or boxes so they can actually fit inside (problem solving, creativity, gross and fine motor skills). The options are endless!

Train on Tracks
Littlemagictrain products

Who is it for? ... THE CHILDREN!

Littlemagictrain engages children so they are actively involved in the learning process whilst having fun. The sessions are developed by allowing repetition, for learning, followed by creating the excitement of ‘what next’!

You can purchase as a resource pack, using the storylines and illustrations, music and movement as a springboard for further learning and child-led play

Littlemagictrain can be used by all Early Years Professionals and in all types of Early Years Provisions.

Staff CPD Training is available

Parental engagement in any child's learning makes the greatest difference to their learning.

Give your child a head start and have fun at the same time. 

Group of shouting kids with hands up
Chinese mother and daughter playing clapping game

See the Littlemagictrain in action at Marcham Preschool

Featuring Littlemagictrain at Butlins


New for 2019

Bonnie Bear will be featuring with the Redcoats on the Skyline Stage in all of the Butlin's Resorts during the 'Just for Tots' breaks.


Bonnie will be joining the children in the Littlemagictrain adventures which will include helping the Queen get her crown back from Sydney Shark, while meeting Jellyfish and Turtles along the way! In another adventure the children and Bonnie will meet a frog with red socks, a stripy Tiger, a snoring Jaguar and even a baby Kangaroo who keeps jumping out of his mum’s pouch!


Just for Tots breaks at Butlin’s are short breaks that are just for tots and toddlers. Designed exclusively for families with children under 5, every day has been carefully created to fit in with your little one's routine, including early dining times, ‘drop in’ style activity sessions and repeated entertainment schedules.

Bonnie 3 Cleaned background

Join Bonnie Bear and the Redcoats on the Littlemagictrain

A little about us

Littlemagictrain is the brainchild of Gina Bale. Founded back in 2002, inspired by her young daughter and a love of trains instilled in Gina by her late uncle and grandfather.

Gina devised the adventures for young children on her Littlemagictrain to include the element of story and movement in the ‘journeys’ accompanied by especially commissioned music to complement the adventures and stories.

The original sessions were piloted in Pre-School settings by trained dance practitioners and continued to be successful. In 2014 Gina piloted the resource packs as she wanted to ensure they were cost effective making Littlemagictrain accessible to all children through childcare professionals so they could create the sessions for the children in their care.

These packs are available to purchase for childcare professionals, parents and carers. Gina also provides training sessions to support big people to lead the little ones on the many adventures you can have on the Littlemagictrain.



Our address & contact details


Postal Address

Fox Lane
Boars Hill

Phone & Email

t: 020 3167 3000

m: 07941 963 786

e: hello@littlemagictrain.com

Business Hours

Monday – Friday 
08.30 – 17.30 
Weekend Closed

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