We think “Feeding the ducks” is the perfect activity during January in your setting or for home learning and links wonderfully with the RSPB’s Big Schools Birdwatch.  Don’t forget to join in!

In the adventure “Feeding the ducks” you will:

  • Search for the duck pond using a map and/or binoculars
  • Meet a big frog and jump with him to catch yummy flies to eat
  • Swim and blow bubbles with the fish in the pond and listen to their fishy choir
  • Duck as the ducks fly in and land on the pond
  • Jump up and down to catch the duck food
  • Say goodbye to all your new friends and find your way back home.

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures. All the planning and hard work has been done for you and the sessions cover all areas of the Foundation Phase and the new EYFS. These sessions are also a wonderful activity for children with additional learning needs.

Don’t forget to give the children their certificate’, on completion of their “Feeding the ducks” adventure.

This session is available in our shop under “Session of the month” along with all the linked activities and is also available in Welsh.  To help you further we have also created “Training videos” for the session and you will also find additional resources on our “Just for the little ones” page.

Gold Support: Don’t forget you have FREE access to all the linked learning activities and training videos linked to the sessions as part of your membership

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This is the most cost-effective way of purchasing our resources, as we have combined packs 1 & 2 to give you a total of 18 different adventures.

This pack includes an introduction and guide to Littlemagictrain along with all the session plans, practitioners notes, illustrations and music.

We highly recommend our Gold support package.  This includes team training and ongoing support along with all the additional resources and training videos that link to the adventures.

This combination provides you with a sustainable resource that ensures your team are motivated and confident.   All the hard work has been done for them and their confidence helps them engage with the children, using imagination, so they are ready to learn.

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Customer Reviews

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Full Resource Pack (18 adventures)

(verified owner)

The children in our Preschool are really enjoying the Little Magic Train sessions. Gina has been fanatastic, during the introduction she explained how to use the resources and demonstrated how to deliver a session which was really helpful. The children loved the virtual sessions and it allowed the adults to deliver the sessions alongside with her taking a leading role. The practitioner notes and sessions plans are infromative and easy to follow. Overall we are really pleased with the package and are excited to see what the next journey will include!

Online Training : Diary booking for 2 interactive Littlemagictrain training sessions

I thoroughly enjoyed this training and loved Gina's experience and enthusiasm. I look forward to helping other staff and children enjoy this magical and wonderful experience.

Online Training : Diary booking for 2 interactive Littlemagictrain training sessions

Fantastic training, tailored to exactly what we needed. Gina's enthusiasm is infectious and staff can't wait to get on board with the children and begin their magical adventures! Highly recommend.

Online Training: 4 virtual sessions for the children at your setting

At Abacus we are very lucky to be taking part in magic train sessions via zoom. I can not thank Gina enough, the staff and children all look forward to our weekly sessions. Seeing the children's faces light up each week is magical, this magic is then transferred to their parents on collection. Thank you Gina!!!