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Hop aboard the Littlemagictrain to discover our engaging multi-sensory resources for your little ones. Littlemagictrain is here to support you in making learning magical, playful, and most importantly meaningful for ALL.


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“Littlemagictrain has helped children to develop their confidence and desire to communicate, describe, understand, and use new vocabulary.  Each session engages all the children in the group and promotes language development through movement, imagination, and play.  By week 6 I observed clear improvement in attention, memory, and narrative skills.”

Liz Shoreman, Senior Speech and Language Therapist and Manager, The Speech Bubble


Learning Centre

Physical Literacy: What does it mean?

Providing opportunities for your little ones, no matter their needs, is vital.

The problems faced by children when developing relationships.

Introducing role-play and movement is a wonderful way of helping them to express and understand emotions. 

Children and the importance of Kinaesthetic learning

Moving and having fun is the best way to develop your little one’s self-confidence. 

Moving and building confidence

The cornerstone of building self-confidence is to make activities fun.

Music and Movement – what does your team really feel about it?

Music and movement are such key areas to children’s learning, but do you know anything about your team’s prior music and movement educational experience as a child or as a teacher and their view of that experience?

Myelin and the Early Years

Bored of repetition… don’t be as it helps develop and grow Myelin in your little one’s brain.