Entertain and educate your children without any cost using make-believe, music and movement.

These FREE exciting, entertaining and educational sessions will run, and be available, throughout lockdown.  Accessible via our homepage on www.littlemagictrain.com

Benefits for the children:

  • Helping them to build confidence
  • Improving their speech, language and communication skills
  • Improving their physical skills (gross motor and literacy)
  • Helping them to build relationships and interact with each other and you
  • Improving creativity, listening skills and musicality

These fun sessions will be made available at 1pm on the allocated days and will continue to be available for you on demand, during lockdown, to access whenever works best for you and the children.

Do join us on the 18th of January and to help you further we are providing you with FREE RESOURCES to use at home, your early years setting or school and available to download now.  These FREE RESOURCES include our:


Item Theme
Special edition littlemagictrain session Visiting the bears
Speech and language activities Visiting the bears
Games (available in Welsh) Visiting the bears
Creative downloads Visiting the bears
Certificates (available in Welsh) Visiting the bears


Just go click this www.littlemagictrain.com/product-category/lockdown-activities/ to take you directly to the resources.  Pop them in your shopping cart and use the coupon code LMTpart1 and they will be 100% FREE for you to use at home, your early years setting or school.

Our first make-believe, music and movement adventure will be one of our favourites ‘Visiting the Bears’.   This fun adventure will be built up over 4 weeks to allow for learning, repetition and the fun of ‘what next?’   We will also post additional learning ideas for you linked to the session on our social media.  Do follow us to ensure you don’t miss out.

The schedule of activities available for you on www.littlemagictrain.com


Week 1

Day Time Session
18/01/21 13:00hrs ‘Visiting the bears’ part 1
20/01/21 13:00hrs Speech & language activities linked to part 1
22/01/21 13:00hrs Speech & language activities linked to part 1


Week 2

Day Time Session
25/01/21 13:00hrs ‘Visiting the bears’ part 2
27/01/21 13:00hrs Speech & language activities linked to part 2
29/01/21 13:00hrs Speech & language activities linked to part 2


Week 3

Day Time Session
01/02/21 13:00hrs ‘Visiting the bears’ part 3
03/02/21 13:00hrs Speech & language activities linked to part 3
05/02/21 13:00hrs Speech & language activities linked to part 3


Week 4

Day Time Session
08/02/21 13:00hrs ‘Visiting the bears’ part 4
10/02/21 13:00hrs Speech & language activities linked to part 4
11/02/21 13:00hrs Speech & language activities linked to part 4


Littlemagictrain was launched in 2004 and from 2012 has worked on creating multi-sensory resources for early years settings.  Our aim is to engage, excite and educate children through make-believe, music and movement.  To help you achieve this we have done all the hard work preparing the sessions for you.

The carefully planned sessions are an ideal springboard for further learning ranging from dialogic reading to physical literacy using creativity and role-play as the sessions are a bridge between the imaginary and real world.  These sessions are fully inclusive and easily adapted for every child’s need.

For more information on littlemagictrain

Contact: Gina Bale

Tel: 01865 321 212

Email: hello@littlemagictrain.com


The Speech Bubble is an independent, paediatric speech & language therapy practice based in the North West. They have been working directly in schools and with local authorities since 2003 to help young people with SLCN (Speech, Language and Communication Needs).

Team members of The Speech Bubble first reached out to littlemagictrain after using littlemagictrain as a speech and language intervention in schools, recognising the benefits and its potential for developing speech, language and communication.

The Speech Bubble use littlemagictrain to develop vocabulary, understanding, grammar and narrative skills. Our favourite sessions include ‘Visiting the Bears’, ‘Picnic on the Moon’ and ‘Under the Sea’.

The Speech Bubble also offer various training opportunities across all areas of Speech and Language. From LEGO therapy to ELKLAN to bespoke courses, team members have a combined experience of nearly 100 years and can offer training on a wide variety of topics.

For more information on The Speech Bubble

Contact: Katie Khan

Tel: 01254 670767

Email: info@thespeechbubble.co.uk

Gina is very excited to announce that she is one of the judges on this new online creative platform. Little Buddy Talentz is open to all in the age group from
2.5 years to 18 years. Little Buddy Talentz is an opportunity to showcase talent on a global level.
Closing date for entries is the 31st December 2020 visit www.littlebuddy.uk for information on how to enter.

Toy shop at the North Pole’
Looking for a fun Christmas ? activity to help children improve speech & language and build relationships?
If YES, then it’s time to jump into the NEW Littlemagictrain?  adventure ‘Toy shop at the North Pole’.
We have carefully created this new interactive activity to ensure your children grow in confidence and self esteem.
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Hop on board for a journey you will never forget!