Special edition: Toy shop at the North Pole


“Toyshop at the North Pole” is the perfect Christmas activity in your setting or for home learning.  So many opportunities to build the excitement with fun and magic.

In your adventure together, you will:

  • Wake up the Littlemagictrain and arrive at the North Pole.
  • Put on your warm clothes and snow boots.
  • Meet a Polar Bear and Seal who give you directions to Santa’s toyshop
  • Santa has asked if we can make sure some of the presents are just right.
  • Get your shopping trolley and pick out the presents we are going to check on.
  • Oh no! While we weren’t looking the Seal and Polar Bear have run away with our presents.
  • Catch the Seal and Polar Bear and guess what they just wanted to take a peek as well.
  • Now it’s time to open all the presents together.
  • Oh dear, the first present has a very sad bear inside. We need to find a way to cheer him up.
  • The next present has some runaway mice! We need to help our friend the Nutcracker catch them.
  • A special surprise as in your last present a pair of Tangoing Reindeer. Could it be Rudolph and Dancer?
  • After all that fun it’s time to tidy up and say goodbye.
  • Find your Littlemagictrain and return home.

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures. All the planning and hard work have been done for you and the sessions cover all areas of the EYFS and the Curriculum for Wales.  These sessions are also a wonderful activity for children with additional learning needs.

Don’t forget to give the children their certificates to take home and share when they have completed this fun adventure.

Your download includes:

  • The adventure with A4-sized illustrations
  • How to build and develop the adventure
  • Movement guide for the interactive part of the adventure
  • How this adventure links to the early year’s curriculum
  • Music

Also available in Welsh-medium.

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Littlemagictrain created some "Special Edition" adventures for you and your little ones to enjoy together. Your download includes:

"Toy shop at the North Pole"

We have done all the hard work for you creating a session plan with illustrations, a movement guide, music, and how to move the story forward in an interactive way.

"Toy shop at the North Pole" illustrations

Where are we?


The Chase

Cheering up Geoffrey


Dancing Deer

What happened on our adventure today?


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