Toy shop at the North Pole


– Introduction to Littlemagictrain
– Session Plans and Illustrations
– Practitioner Notes and Guidance
– Music and guide to accompany sessions

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Littlemagictrain has specifically created this adventure for you to deliver in December. This download includes:


A guide to running your own Littlemagictrain adventures

Session Plan and Practitioners notes for the adventure 'Toy shop at the North Pole'

  • This guide includes your illustrations for the adventure and how to move the story forward with the order of activities and when to play music for the children to move to.

Practitioners notes for running the 'Toy shop at the North Pole' adventure.

  • We have written out a guide for the actions to help you to build your confidence in delivering the adventure.

Download illustrations

Where are we?


The Chase

Cheering up Geoffrey


Dancing Deer

What happened when we went to the Toy shop at the North Pole today?


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