Under the sea


Put on your goggles and flippers as it’s time to dive in!

‘Under the sea’ is the perfect activity all year round in your setting. Extend the learning by discovering the wonders and importance of the sea with your little ones. Learn about all the different types of sharks. Did you know that the Epaulette shark walks between rock pools on its fins and that the Welsh coast is home to 26 species of sharks, skates, and rays? Mind your toes!  Discover the amazing sea turtle and find out how we can all help protect our marine life by reducing plastic in our oceans – we all need to do our bit.

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Feeding the ducks

In your adventure together, you will:

Wake up the Littlemagictrain and arrive at the seaside.

Put on your wetsuit, flippers and goggles and blow bubbles as you jump in.

Meet a dolphin and join her as she leaps over and under the waves.

Spot giant sea turtles searching for food on the ocean floor. Time for a snack!

Join the jellyfish as he wobbles and wibbles in the ocean.


Don’t let the shark nibble your toes.

Time to jump out and say goodbye to all your new friends.

Wake up your Littlemagictrain and journey home.

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures and we have done all the hard work so you can have all the fun helping your little ones learn.  Littlemagictrain sessions cover all areas of the EYFS and the curriculum for Wales.

Your download includes

Under the sea

The adventure:

  • A4-sized illustrations
  • How to build and develop the adventure
  • Movement guide for the interactive part of the adventure
  • How this adventure links to the early-year’s curriculum
  • Music

Introducing the adventure to your little ones’ guide.

Sensory and invitation activities for the adventure.

Speech and language activities.

Story chain train.

Fun activities for the children.

Provocation planning activities.

Vocabulary for the adventure.

Certificate for the children on completion of their adventure.


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