Would you like to try something new in your setting for the month of May?

If the answer is YES, then take your children on an Amazon adventure and you will:

  • Use your binoculars and look for spiders and snakes
  • Find a monkey jumping from tree to tree and join the fun
  • Spot a snake under your tree and join him slithering along the ground
  • Meet a jaguar and help him sharpen his claws on the trees
  • Wake up the parrots and join them as they look for a quiet spot to sleep

“Amazon adventure” will help improve your children’s:

  • Physical literacy
  • Speech, language and communication skills
  • Emotional regulation and personal and social development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Mathematical development
  • Confidence and improved self-esteem and well-being

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures and we have done all the hard work so you can have the fun helping your little ones learn.  Littlemagictrain sessions cover all areas of the EYFS and Foundation Phase.

Visit www.littlemagictrain.com and go to our “Special offers” and you will find the “Amazon adventure” bundle which includes the “Individual session”, “Speech and Language activities”, “Creative activities”, “Learning activities” and “Certificate”.  This bundle comes to a total of £18.75 and you will receive the “Amazon adventure” training videos for FREE (RRP £20.00)

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