Little Magic Train, Fun exciting classes that enable children to express themselves Creatively

Welcome to Littlemagictrain!

Littlemagictrain is a resource pack using storylines, illustrations, music and movement to help children learn. Littlemagictrain is a springboard for further learning and child led play.

The sessions help communication skills, language, physical development, healthy eating, oral care, creativity, musicality and role-play.

Each session has an individual theme with music that has been specifically composed and recorded for the adventure. The Littlemagictrain takes the children on the adventure and the action of going on the Littlemagictrain allows the children to enter the make believe world. This helps the children become more imaginative and creative whilst learning about the world around them. For example the children may meet the rabbit from “Woodland Walk” and therefore they:

See a 'Rabbit' (classification)
Say 'Rabbit' (speech and language skills)
Be a 'Rabbit' (physical development/role-play).

Littlemagictrain engages children so they are actively involved in the learning process while having fun. The sessions are developed by allowing repetition, for learning, followed by creating the excitement of ‘what next’!

Littlemagictrain is a useful resource for practitioners trying to engage children that can be hard to reach. Practitioners can just pick up the resource pack and run a session - all the work and planning has been done for them.

Training is available for staff CPD.

Continue the Littlemagictrain adventure by creating masterpieces, from downloads on the website, for example if they have run a session 'Picnic on the Moon' they can design their rocket and then make one with junk modelling. Don’t forget you could make one with wooden blocks so they can actually fit inside. The options are endless!

Each pack comes with the detailed lesson plans (the sessions), illustrations, practitioner’s notes (how to run each session and recommended movements to use to help the practitioner build in confidence as well), music and stickers.

Everything you need to go on an adventure with the Littlemagictrain.




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Butlins Just for Tots   ……Featuring Littlemagictrain at Butlins
Just for Tots breaks at Butlin’s are short breaks that are just for tots and toddlers. Designed exclusively for families with children under 5, every day has been carefully created to fit in with your little one's routine, including early dining times, ‘drop in’ style activity sessions and repeated entertainment schedules.

As well as the chance to see live performances from the likes of Justin Fletcher, the Teletubbies and Mister Maker, little ones (aged 0-2) will also be able to transform themselves into the Littlemagictrain, where adventures are brought to life by illustrations, composed music, movement, story lines and role-play.

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