Individual session: Picnic on the Moon


Littlemagictrain recommends ‘Picnic on the Moon’ as the perfect activity in your setting or for home learning.  In this adventure, you will learn about transport to the Moon and all the different rockets that have landed there.  You will discover gravity and how high you can jump on the Moon.  Best of all you will meet an Alien.  There are so many opportunities to engage your little ones about the wonder of space and the solar system.

In your adventure together, you will:

  • Wake up the Littlemagictrain and hop on board and travel to the Rocket centre.
  • Choose your favourite rocket and countdown to take off.
  • Whoops! There is nowhere to land on the Moon today.  Problem-solve how to reach the Moon from a rocket without getting lost in space.
  • Arrive safely and check that we all made it safely.
  • After all that travelling it’s time for a picnic but when you
  • Learn about gravity when you have your picnic. Don’t let the bananas land on Mars!
  • Hear a snoring sound could it be an alien? Time for an alien hunt.
  • Success, it was an alien, and his name is George. He was just taking a nap on the edge of a crater.
  • Say goodbye to George and travel back up to the rocket.
  • Countdown and travel back to Earth.
  • Wake up your Littlemagictrain and go home.

There are so many opportunities for learning in the adventures and we have done all the hard work so you can have the fun helping your little ones learn.  Littlemagictrain sessions cover all areas of the EYFS and Foundation Phase.

Your download includes:

  • Introduction to Littlemagictrain
  • Session Plans with your illustrations
  • Practitioner Notes (guidance with the music and movement)
  • Music

Available in Welsh-medium.


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Your download includes:


A guide to running your Littlemagictrain adventures.

Session Plan and Practitioners notes for the adventure.

  • This guide includes your illustrations for the adventure and how to move the story forward with the order of activities and when to play music for the children to move to.

Download illustrations

Blast off to the Moon

Floating food

It’s George


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